Roxane Genot - Cellist
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My working process

I record at home in a room dedicated to my music work. I usually turn around a track in 2-3 business days, but I will adapt to any deadline you might have and am able to do express remote recordings in 24 hours or less, if needed.

Session recordings:

I offer remote cello recording services for any kinds of soundtracks. Here’s what I need from you to record:

  • The backing track without the cello part
  • The separate cello part without the backing track
  • The score or an audio track / midi file of the cello part you want me to record
  • The BPM if the tempo is the same all along
  • If there are tempo changes: clear indications of tempo throughout the piece / a click track / a midi file containing tempo data

Please make sure to send over all the relevant information regarding the performance (dynamics, style…) and any specific requests, should you have any. I will gladly follow your indications to provide you with the best recording, as faithful as possible to what you’re looking for. I’m also happy to fully offer my own interpretation if you’d prefer to just leave your music into my hands.
I will do 2 free revisions, please make sure to give me precise timings and clear changes you wish me to bring to my parts.
When my work is done, I will send you a rough mix with the cello tracks included to your original backing track, and if you’re satisfied with the result I will send over the separate tracks, clear of any effect and perfectly cleaned up so you basically won’t need to make any adjustment to my cello parts while including them to your mix.
A cello track is a single cello line, either purely melodic or rhythmic. I’m usually asked to record one or several tracks (overdubs) for each piece I’m working on. I can either play precisely what you would like me to add to your composition (in which case I need the score or a midi file of the cello line you wish me to play so I can reproduce it), or write / improvise one or several lines over the backing track. If you’re not able to provide any music sheets, no worries, I can also work with chords and actually enjoy improvising over them very much.
I’ve established a price list for each type of recording I’m offering, which you can access here.

“All cello” recordings:

While working on my own projects (arrangements or original compositions), I always need to record several tracks of cello that I superimpose to create the harmony. Each of my “all cello” recordings are made of at least 5-6 tracks for the simpler ones, sometimes more depending on the piece.

My equipment :

Music PC : 16 GB ram, Windows 10 64 bit
DAW: Cubase 9.5
Microphones: Audio Technica 2035, Rode NT1
Soundcard: Scarlett Focusrite